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Basant has been banned for four years in Punjab Lahore city West Pakistan currently however it looks like that Lahoris can see some wild kite flying within the 2014.
Punjab Government has set to permit Basant 2014 from 21st Feb to 5th March at Changa Manga forest in Lahore with high securities and precautions.Punjab Government prohibited basant for four years past when the killing of the many folks owing to the utilization of chemical thread and firing on Basant.
People were demanding the govt. to permit the amusing kite competition and finally these years officers has issued a notification to all or any native authorities that a fifteen days Basant competition are celebrated in lahore Changa Manga Forest from twenty 1st feb to five March.There'll be no kite flying in the other space of lahore except the determined one.The government has set to unfold the scope of Basant to Jallo Park lahore next year if the expertise throughout the present season proves productive.
According to government Basant can boost the commercial enterprise which can facilitate in generating revenue for the country.


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